Hokkaido Nuclear Energy Environmental Reseach Center Hokkaido Nuclear Energy Environmental Reseach Center
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Absolute Assurance for the Community and Environment with
State-of-the-art Facilities and Equipment
Minute Radioactivity Checks Using Advanced Technology
Thorough Investigation System to Assure Environmental Safety
Support of Local Development in an Agriculture Aspect. Agricultural
Research and Experiments
Fisheries Research and Experiments for Development Local
For Accurate Understanding of Environmental
Monitoring and Nuclear Power Generation

map Access
Bus / Chuo Bus from Sapporo to Iwanai,change to Kamoenai Line,
get off at Kashiwagi, walk 1 minute.
Train / get off at Kuchan or Kozawa on the Hakodate Trunk Line.
take Niseko Bus-Kamoenai Line,
change to Chuo Bus-Iwanai Line,
get off at Kashiwagi,walk 1 minute.
Car / about 100 km from sapporo( 2h. 30 min )

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HokkaidoNuclear Energy Environmental Reseach Center
261,Miyaoka,Kyowa,Iwanai,Hokkaido 045-0123,Japan

TEL:0135-74-3131 FAX:0135-74-3135